Western Electricity Coordinating Council

​Grid Fundamentals

In this 2-day workshop, you will take a holistic look at grid operations beginning with the fundamentals of how electricity works, next how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed, and finishing with policy, environmental issues and current events. In this workshop style class, you will experience lecture, hands-on activities, and discussion resulting in Grid Fundamentals.

Class Topics

  • The Interconnected System
  • Automatic Generation Control (AGC) Basics
  • Fundamentals of Electricity
  • Operating Reserves
  • General Characteristics of Load
  • Interchange Scheduling Primer
  • Generation
  • Off-Nominal
  • Transmission
  • System Restoration
  • Balancing Authority Overview
  • Policy, Environment & Current Events

Who Should Attend

This 2-day class is designed for people such as legal, billers, auditors, managers, policy makers, environmental groups, or anyone who wants to increase their electric system acumen of the Western Interconnection.

Class Contacts: Deveny Bywaters (Class Content) (801) 819-7681

                         Brandy Daniels (Registration) (801) 819-7650