Western Electricity Coordinating Council

Tip #16: The Release Notes are Available in the Website Footer

Interested in the release notes for the website? Look for the Release Notes link in the footer of every page. Many of the enhancements were provided by user feedback and suggestions.

Tip #15: Want to know when specific items change on the website?

​You can set up personal alerts to stay informed of changes made to specific document web parts. Click on the 'Set an alert' hyperlink in the bottom left corner of the document web part to specify the frequency and type of changes for your alerts. For more information, checkout the "How to Set Up Alerts" document.

Tip #14: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Documents

Searching for a document that you expect to find and getting no results? Expecting a document view (e.g., Base Cases) to contain files only to find that it’s empty when you expand it? Some documents are restricted and require you to be logged in and have NDA permissions via an executed non-disclosure agreement to view them.

Tip #13: What's in WECC's Toolbox?

Check out the WECC Toolbox at the top of the page for quick access to online tools. These tools include the Base Case Coordination System (BCCS), the Electronic File Transfer (EFT) Server, webCDMS, and many more.​

Tip #12: Search Refiners

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Search for the document in the WECC Library and use the refiners on the left navigation to narrow your search. You can also call or email WECC at (877) 937-9722 or support@wecc.biz.

Tip #11: Sort and Page Through Document Search Web Parts

The website document search web parts are the document tables on the webpages that display specific search results. To sort a document search web part, clic​k on the column headings to sort documents in ascending or descending order. To page through, click on the page numbers at the bottom of the document web part to page back and forth through multiple pages.

Tip #10: New Feature added to the '404 Page Not Found' Webpage

The '404 Page Not Found' webpage now includes smart search results to help website users find what they were looking for when they clicked on a link. Check out this example.

Tip #9: Preferred Browsers

Our preferred browsers for the site are…IE9+, Firefox 18+, Chrome 24+, and Safari 6+. Other browsers may work, but could offer a degraded experience.

Tip #8: Document Preview Panel

Hover over the ellipsis (…) next to the document title to preview the file without actually opening it. From the preview panel you can page through the file, see basic document properties, and download or open the file.​

Tip #7: Access Past Meeting Materials

Find past meeting materials by switching to the filtered view on the WECC main calendar. From the filtered view, you can select a Committee and see its past meetings.

Tip #6: WECC Website Homepage Announcements

Want to receive up-to-date key information about what’s going on at WECC? You can stay in the know by creating an alert for the WECC Website Homepage Announcements. To set the alert, simply click on the 'Set an alert’ hyperlink underneath the Announcements web part and specify the frequency and type of changes for your alert. SharePoint will send you an email confirming that the alert has been set.

Tip #5: Need access to the NDA materials?

To access non-public information as set forth in the WECC Information Sharing Policy, you’ll need an approved WECC Website account. These accounts help to manage permissions to the various security groups.

Tip #4: WECC's Standard Index Tool

Looking for information related to the NERC Standards (both current and retired)? Checkout WECC’s Standards Index Tool. You’ll find information regarding the Standard, such as Standard Requirements, Enforcement Dates, VRFs, and RSAWs. Use the parameters on the right to refine your search.

Tip #3: Benefits of a WECC Website Account

​By creating a WECC website account, you can submit digital forms to W​ECC through the website; for instance, you can submit an Entity Registration request to the Compliance department, a Standards Authorization Request (SAR) to the Standards Under Development program, a Ballot Body application to participate in the WECC Standards Voting process, the Operational Practices Survey to participate in identifying opportunities for improvement across the Western Interconnection, and more.

Tip #2: Reason to Get a WECC Website Account

By creating a WECC website account you can set up alerts that let you know when specific items change on the website. These alerts are sent to your email at the interval you specify; for example, you can set up a daily alert to know each time someone adds new files to a library.

Tip #1: 101 Icon​

Whenever you see the icon you can click on it to learn base knowledge about a subject.