Western Electricity Coordinating Council

​Compliance - Baja Mexico

Welcome to the WECC Compliance page for the Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) and its Designated Entities. These pages provide the latest guidance, documents, processes and contact information related to the Compliance Monitoring Program (CMP) and the monitoring processes specified in the 2014 Implementation Plan for Mexico Reliability Standards. WECC encourages Designated Entities, those with an interest in compliance issues or electric power reliability in Baja California, Mexico to bookmark and check this page regularly for up-to-date information regarding WECC Compliance.​







The WECC Compliance Data Management System (webCDMS) assists Registered Entities with the latest functionalities, maintenance, set up and frequently asked questions related to Compliance.

EFT Server

The Enhance File Transfer (EFT) Server is a file upload tool used for audits, spot checks, and ad hoc requests. The main function is to exchange files between WECC and Registered Entities in conjunction with webCDMS.