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Joint Synchronized Information Subcommittee (JSIS)


Salt Lake City, UT

Start Time

5/16/2018 1:00 PM

End Time

5/18/2018 12:00 PM

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Call In: 415-655-0003

Access code: 802 346 913


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General & Administrative


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 Meeting Documents



10b_SMART and Utility Updates_JSIS-May 2018
10c_BPA Data MIning-2018_05_JSIS-May 2018
10d_Dan Brancaccio JSIS alternate archive_JSIS-May 2018
10e_A Simplified Data Architecture for PMU Data_PingThings_SRP_JSIS-May 2018
10f_Machine Learning Techniques for Oscillation Baselining in the Western Interconnection_OBATv2_JSIS-May 2018
11a_Peak's Experience on online Linear State Estimator Implementation and Vendors Update
11b_Robust Linear SE for very large scale power grids_JSIS-May 2018
11c_Two-Stage Dynamic State Estimation and Observability Analysis_JSIS-May 2018
11d_2018-BSI_StateEstimation_G5_JSIS-May 2018
11e_Updates on RPI Nonlinear Phasor State Estimator with Phase and Scaling Bias Correction_Lackner_JSIS-May 2018
12a_Damping Control using PMU feedback_SAND2018_JSIS-May 2018
12b_ISO-NE_TestCaseLibrary_update_JSIS-May 2018
12c_ISO-NE Experience in Running the Online Version of OSL_JSIS-May 2018
12e_Oscillation Detection and Review with Archive Walker Tool_BAWS_JSIS-May 2018
13_PMU-Based Online Monitoring of Critical Power System Assets_JSIS-May 2018
13a_DOE850_Project_Update_EPG_JSIS-May 2018
14a_GE - Synchrophasor Based Grid Management and Stability Applications V01_JSIS-May 2018
14b_EPG Synchrophasor Application Product-DOE0849_Project_Overview_JSIS-May 2018
14c_Powertech DSA_NodeBreaker_JSIS-May 2018
14d_VR_PrdouctUpdate_Online Transient Cascading Contingency Screening and Assessment_PCMTS_JSIS-May 2018
15a_FNET Peak May 2018 liu_JSIS-May 2018
15b_Sunlamp over view May 2018 Peak_JSIS-May 2018
15c_Generator Control System Performance using PMU Measurements_Lackner_JSIS-May 2018
12f_Evaluation of Signal Processing Methods for Forced Oscillations and Location_JSIS-May 2018
2017-10-11 JSIS Minutes
2018-05-16 JSIS Agenda
2018-05-16-18 JSIS Announcement
8b_PhotoVoltaic Loss Events_JSIS-May 2018
8c_Creating System Model Validation Cases in WECC_JSIS-May 2018
8d_Wind Model Validation Using PMU technics-Kosterev_JSIS-May 2018
8e_Model Validation with PMU Emulator and using PNNL EKNF tool_WSU_EPRI_JSIS-May 2018
9b_R-BSI_TStability_G5_JSIS-May 2018-edit
9c_VR Peak ROSE RT-VSA tool update and lessons learned_JSIS-May 2018
Oscillation Analysis Work Group Charter