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SOP Comment Form - Carluccio 2017-10-26T14_47_10.xml
10/26/2017 2:47 PMAaron Paulson
JoeCarluccioNoBonneville Power Administration (Transmission) - Class 1TextBox

Thank you for the opportunity comment. BPA supports WECC’s
efforts to avoid duplicative efforts. A significant and growing risk is the
dilution of industry focus/progress on important topics arising from a
proliferation of uncoordinated activities that draw from the same industry
resources. As such, BPA recommends WECC engage NATF leadership to better
optimize industry reliability efforts and reduce duplication. As you are aware,
the NATF is a voluntary industry organization whose members in aggregate
represent well over 80% of the U.S. and Canadian high voltage circuit miles and
peak load. NATF promotes excellence in reliability and resiliency along with
continuous improvement.  While NATF is confidential, they have demonstrated
successful collaboration with NERC for several years now and have increasingly
made activities and products available to external industry stakeholders (see Many aspects proposed by WECC in
the strategic/operating plans are already being effectively addressed by the
NATF – in some cases for many years. NATF staff and members are acutely
interested in coordinating activities (as witnessed by NATF’s routine meetings
with NERC leadership) to optimize roles and reduce duplication of effort.

SOP Comment Form - Taylor 2017-10-27T16_56_39.xml
10/27/2017 4:56 PMHolly Taylor
HollyTaylorNoOther - Organization Not ListedAttachment
Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body