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Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE) Registration Process

Please note that while completing the following steps will allow you access to WREGIS, your registration is not complete and full access to WREGIS is not granted until receipt and approval of the required documents specified in the process below.

1. Read and sign the WREGIS Terms of Use Agreement

2. Complete the online registration

3. Download and become familiar with the QRE Interface Control Document (ICD)

4. Become familiar with the WREGIS Operating Rules.

5. Collect verification documents according to the type of QRE:

a. Balancing Authority: FERC Form 714 for the most recent year submitted in electronic form (PDF or other format) to the WREGIS Administrator at

b. Non-Balancing Authority: A Letter on the account holder's company letterhead signed by the account holder contact outlining and attesting to the following:

          i. Procedures and/or equipment used to gather data to be reported.

          ii. Any state oversight (public utility commission, energy office, etc.)
          iii. Internal audit procedures that ensure data reliability.
          iv. External audit procedures that ensure data reliability.
          v. Any Federal oversight (FERC, Sarbanes Oxley, SEC, etc.).
          vi. Manner in which entity will emulate FERC functional separation requirements.

Mail completed registration packet to the WREGIS Administrator (email FERC Form 714 if applicable). A complete packet will include the signed legal agreement, applicable attestations, and other required documents as described above.
Please mail this packet to:   
          Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS)
155 North 400 West, Suite 200
          Salt Lake City, UT 84103

7. Once the online registration is complete and the WREGIS Administrator receives the registration packet, WREGIS staff will review and approve. If the packet is incomplete or additional information is required, the WREGIS Administrator will notify you through your designated contact.

8. When WREGIS staff validates your registration materials and the account is approved, WREGIS will send an email notification describing account activation to the email address provided on your registration form.

9. This completes the Registration Process.

Please note: Submittal of requested documentation only ensures the WREGIS Administrator will examine the qualifications to become a QRE. The WREGIS Administrator reserves the right to require further documentation of qualifications prior to approval QRE. For more information regarding guidelines, requirements, data reporting, and rules governing reporting entities, refer to the QRE Interface Control Document (ICD).