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WREGIS tracks renewable energy generation from units that register in the system by using verifiable data and creating renewable energy certificates (REC) for this generation.  This "accounting system" is designed to issue, register, and track RECs for use in verification of compliance with state and provincial regulatory programs (for example, Renewable Portfolio Standards), and voluntary market programs.


WREGIS tracks the Renewable and Environmental Attributes associated with renewable energy that are unbundled from the megawatt-hour and recorded on to a WREGIS Certificate.  One certificate is created for each megawatt-hour of renewable energy produced, and each WREGIS Certificate is assigned a unique serial number.  These WREGIS Certificates can be used by electricity suppliers and other energy market participants to comply with relevant state/provincial policies, and regulatory programs, and to support voluntary "green" electricity markets.  The data collected by WREGIS will include meter information from Qualified Reporting Entities, and static information regarding the generating unit that has been inputted by the Account Holder and verified by the WREGIS Administrator. 


The WREGIS system can be accessed by both registered account holders and public users, but the functionality available to registered users is much higher than that available to the public.  WREGIS account holders can manage their individual REC portfolios in one account, and the same account will have numerous available sub-accounts into which the portfolios can be organized.


Account Holder Registration Process

Generating Unit Registration Process

Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE) Registration Process

Program Administrator Registration Process


Fees and Collection Procedures

Two types of fees apply to WREGIS participants depending upon their user type and size: an annual fee and volumetric fees. Please note that State, Provincial, and Voluntary Program Administrators do not have to pay fees to use WREGIS. Qualified Reporting Entity accounts are also exempt from fees.


The WREGIS Fee Matrix & Definitions showing fees according to Account Holder and Account Holder definitions is available for download.

The current fee levels were determined by the WREGIS Committee at its April 29, 2007 meeting.