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Western Electricity Coordinating Council
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Projects Undergoing Standards Development


For assistance contact W. Shannon Black, WECC Manager of Standards Processes,, (503) 307-5782.


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 Projects Assigned for Drafting

Team Site
Date Assigned
Next Meeting
collapse  Regional Business Practice (3)
WECC-0097PRC-024-WECC-RBP-0 Low Voltage Ride Through Eval as a Standard On March 20 2014 FERC approved the PRC with an Effective Date of July 1 2016. PRC-024-WECC-RBP-0 will be retired as of that date. Docket No. RM13-16-000 Order No. 796.

WECC-0100TPL-001-WECC-RBP-3 System Performance Document categorization strategies will be presented in a white paper targeted for the next PCC meeting. On November 1, 2013, the WSC refined the scope of this SAR instructing that a RBP be drafted for TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1, WR3, Table W-1, and TPL-001-4, Requirements R5 and R6. The DT was expanded to include the entire RS.

WECC-0106WECC-0106 INT-018-WECC-RBP-0 INT RewriteOut for 45-day comment through April 28, 2014. On January 8, 2014, the WSC approved a staff-requested amendment to the SAR in support of a MIC request.

collapse  WECC Standards (4)
WECC-0095IRO-006-WECC-2 Qualified Transfer Path Unscheduled Flow (USF) Relief4/24/2014, comments due on docket. 3/21/2014, WECC filed supplemental filing; FERC changed docket to RD14-9-000. 12/20/13, NERC filed with FERC.  2/2013, WECC filed with NERC.  1/23/2013, WECC Board approved 1/23/2013.

WECC-0101Generator Validation Policy Conversion and Mod ReviewOut for 45-day comment through April 28, 2014.

MOD-026-WECC-1 (Subject to NERC assignment)
WECC-0105WECC-0105 P81 Project for Regional Standards - VAROut for 45-day comment through April 28. 2014.

WECC-0107WECC-0107 PSS Design and PerformanceDrafting team forming



 Under WSC Review




Team Site
Date Assigned
Next Meeting

WECC Standard TOP-007-WECC-1 - System Operating Limits replaced TOP-STD-007-0. 

Forwarded to NERC on 1-8-2014.