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Western Electricity Coordinating Council


INT-016-WECC-CRT-2 Data Submittal Criterion

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Last Name



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Platte River Power Authority

Alternate Contact

W. Shannon Black

Request Type

Regional Criterion


As part of an Operating Committee project spearheaded by the Interchange Scheduling and Accounting Subcommittee (ISAS), the ISAS is facilitating a review of INT criteria 1-17 in an effort to conform the language of those criteria to current drafting conventions and formats.  A snapshot of that project is listed in the table contained in the attached proposed Version 1.
On October 18, 2010 Ms. Pam Pahl of Black Hills Power and Ms. Carol Ballantine of Platte River Power Authority met with WECC Staff to finalize the proposed Version 1 of each of the affected criteria. 
Each of the criteria were reviewed to identify and correct, among other things: 1) ambiguities in the existing language, 2) superfluous language and Requirements, 3) missing Requirements, 4) accuracy of assigned Applicable Entities, 5) capitalizations / use of defined terms, 5) application of existing drafting conventions, 6) errata, and 7) consideration of updated criterion formatting.
As a result of that meeting and review, the attached proposed Version 1 is submitted for industry review.


This Request is part of the INT Rewrite Project.
Purpose: To ensure accurate e-Tag data is submitted via Requests for Interchange submitted through the WECC Interchange Tool (WIT).

Responsible Entities

Balancing Authority, Generator Operator, Purchasing-Selling Entity, Transmission Service Provider



Detailed Description

See attached Version 1.

Preliminary Technical

Assessment and

Reference Documents


Does the proposed

request comply with all of

the following Market

Interface Principles?

1. The planning and operation of bulk electric systems shall recognize that reliability is an essential requirement of a robust North American economy, 2. Standard or Criterion shall not give any market participant an unfair competitive advantage, 3. Standard or Criterion shall neither mandate nor prohibit any specific market structure, 4. Standard or Criterion shall not preclude market solutions to achieving compliance with that Standard, 5. Standard or Criterion shall not require the public disclosure of commercially sensitive information.

Reliability Principles

3. Information necessary for planning and operation of interconnected bulk electric systems shall be made available to those entities responsible for planning and operating the system reliably



This Request is part of the INT Rewrite Project.
This Request will combine the following criteria.
Old:    INT-BPS-016
New:   INT-016-WECC-CRT-1
Old:    INT-BPS-017
New:   INT-017-WECC-CRT-1

Is this Request in response to a
NERC "Fill-in-the-Blank" Standard?

WECC-0082 INT-016-WECC-CRT-2 Data Submittal Criterion Version 1.doc    
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