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Western Electricity Coordinating Council


TPL-001-WECC-RBP-3 System Performance

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(360) 619-6833


Bonneville Power Administration

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Vishal Patel, (909) 274-1635,

Request Type

Regional Business Practice


The Scope of this SAR has been refined by the WECC Standards Committee.
The language of the original SAR has been captured and retained in document form in the Documents section of the WECC-0100 Team Site.
On November 1, 2013, at a duly noticed meeting of the WSC, a motion was made by Mr. David Walker and seconded by Ms. Dana Cabbell to expand the WECC-0100 drafting team to include the entire Reliability Subcommittee, and accept the drafting team’s recommendation that further drafting continue on remedial language for:
1) TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1., WR3;
2) Table W-1; and,
3) TPL-001-4, Requirements R5 and R6.
As to the content of TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1, WR3, the drafting team may consider whether to retain it or delete it.  The drafting team should consider redrafting the content to be results based as opposed to retaining the 102.5% and 105% targets as the drafting team has concluded that those targets represent a “reasonable” value but are unsupported by a technical study.
As to the content of Table W-1, the Reliability Subcommittee is already engaged in updating the document.  The drafting team should consider addressing the Table as a freestanding document and should also consider how best to modify and structure the document so that it may be altered as needed.
Although the drafting team is recommending Table W-1 be considered for categorization as a WECC Guideline, the WSC has instructed the drafting team to begin drafting all portions of the project as Regional Business Practices. 
As to the content of TPL-001-4, Requirements R5 and R6, the drafting team has concluded these Requirements are adequate to maintain reliability; however, those Requirements are drafted at a high level and if underpinned by a WECC Regional Business Practice could enhance the consistent implementation of those Requirements.
The final documents are to be targeted for presentation as Regional Business Practices. 
Procedural Background
On September 5, 2012, the WECC Board of Directors (Board) resolved, that the Board approve the Regional Criteria Work Group (RCWG) recommendation contained in:
(1) The RCWG White Paper and proposed disposition of existing Regional Criteria;
(2) The Process for Monitoring Adherence to WECC Regional Business Practice Requirements; and
(3) Amendments to the WECC Document Categorization Policy.
As a result of that resolution, the definition for a WECC Criterion changed, “Retaining the existing category of WECC Regional Criteria only for documents that satisfy the requirements of “fill-in-the-blank” reliability standards.”  WECC Regional Criteria White Paper, page 3.
Prior to that resolution, TPL-001-WECC-CRT-2, System Performance Criteria was designated as a WECC Criterion.  After that resolution, the document was reclassified as a Regional Business Practice (RBP) because the document was not originally drafted to meet the “requirements of “fill-in-the-blank” reliability” standards.
Under the accepted changes to the WECC Document Categorization Policy as proposed by the RCWG, a RBP became defined as:
Definition: A WECC Regional Business Practice is a WECC Board-approved document which purpose is to establish consistency among WECC member entities with respect to specific business practices, technical procedures, documentation procedures, or administrative procedures.
The document nomenclature was changed from TPL-001-WECC-CRT-2 to TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1 (subsequent to an errata found during reformatting).
As a result of the RCWG/RPIC presentation and recommendations, WECC was charged with drafting a SAR to evaluate TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1 for consideration as a possible WECC Regional Reliability Standard.   
On November 28, 2012, the requested SAR was filed and designated as WECC-0100.  The SAR contained a two tier approach: 1) evaluate, 2) refine the scope of the SAR as needed.
On December 19, 2012, the WSC accepted the WECC-0100 SAR as drafted with specific approval to assign an evaluation team to review the subject matter and return a recommendation to the WSC.  
On June 26, 2013, the WSC approved the evaluation team’s recommendation to ballot the retirement of TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1, WR1, WR2, WR4 and WR5, coincident with the Effective Date of NERC’s TPL-001-4, because the content of the WECC Requirements will be resident in the NERC TPL.
On August 8, 2013, the WSC assigned the original drafting team, augmenting the team during later weeks.  
On October 8, 2013, the ballot closed approving retirement of each Requirement.
On November 1, 2013, the WSC met to consider all recommendations provided by the WECC-0100 drafting team as to the content and type of documents that should be drafted under the WECC-0100 SAR. 
The WECC-0100 Drafting Team (DT):
1)  Reported completion of the tasks assigned in the WECC-0100 Standard Authorization Request (SAR),
2)  Requested the WECC Standards Committee (WSC) deem the WECC-0100 SAR complete; and,
3) Requested the WSC accept the DT’s recommendation to proceed with informal drafting in support of an iterative SAR tailored to the remedial needs of TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1, System Performance, WR3 as well as a more granular implementation plan of TPL-001-4, Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements Requirement R5 and R6.
In light of the retirement of the TPL’s Requirements WR1, WR2, WR4 and WR5, the drafting team reported that an update of the associated Table W-1 was underway by the Reliability Subcommittee.


It should be noted that the purpose of this SAR is to respond to the WECC Board’s request for evaluation.  The drafters concur that a well-vetted evaluation should take place before drafting begins.  

The drafters would suggest that, if developed as a Regional Reliability Standard, the proposed Purpose statement might be:
“To ensure present and future transmission systems are planned, developed, modified or upgraded, in accordance with specified requirements.”

Responsible Entities

Planning Coordinator, Transmission Planner



Detailed Description

Details of the evaluation are included in the above section.
If the WSC decides to immediately develop the document without the proposed Tier 1 evaluation, TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2 should be used as springboard from which to begin drafting.
A proposed TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2 starting template is attached. 

Preliminary Technical

Assessment and

Reference Documents

Resources for consideration should include, but not be limited to:
• NERC FAC 10 and 11


• TPL-001-WECC-RBP-2.1 can be found here.
• The archives WECC-0071 Team Site is found here.
Documents developed in the Reliability Subcommittee:
• White Paper on Proposed Changes to FAC-010 Western Interconnection Regional Differences
• WECC Reliability Criteria Discussion – Table-W1
• TPL-001-WECDC-CRT-2 System Performance Criteria Issues Paper

Does the proposed

request comply with all of

the following Market

Interface Principles?

1. The planning and operation of bulk electric systems shall recognize that reliability is an essential requirement of a robust North American economy, 2. Standard or Criterion shall not give any market participant an unfair competitive advantage, 3. Standard or Criterion shall neither mandate nor prohibit any specific market structure, 4. Standard or Criterion shall not preclude market solutions to achieving compliance with that Standard, 5. Standard or Criterion shall not require the public disclosure of commercially sensitive information.

Reliability Principles

1. Interconnected bulk electric systems shall be planned and operated in a coordinated manner to perform reliably under normal and abnormal conditions, 3. Information necessary for planning and operation of interconnected bulk electric systems shall be made available to those entities responsible for planning and operating the system reliably



See above.

Is this Request in response to a
NERC "Fill-in-the-Blank" Standard?

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